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KEJI toys & games

Passionate for creation and play.

Keji has been designing products since 2009, when two best friends began to dedicate themselves to pursuing cool and exciting toy & game creations.

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The Wrath expansion features all the same excellent artwork that you see in the original Draconis... and gives you alot of really great options to expand this game. We were a big fan of this.

Tantrum House

Some really cool additions and more varieties... The art is amazing.

To The Table

Takes some of the best elements from deck-building games and puts it together into something a lot more unique than the sum of it's parts.

Board Game Brawl

There's alot of cool stuff going on with this one that I found to be highly highly highly enjoyable.

Undead Viking

Get nuts in this nutty reaction game!

Flip two cards and watch for exactly four matching nut pictures. If you see a set of four, grab the nut token with the same face right out from under other player's noses! But "nut" so fast because if a number card appears, players instead need to strike the correct nutty pose.

Published by Smirk & Dagger Games.

Sushi-stacking showdown!

Balance and arrange the sushi, plates, and soy sauce bottles, and make sure to execute the order exactly as shown on the card. Use your fingers as chopsticks to stack maki, or play in blindfold mode and guide your teammate as they blindly build the tower of sushi.

Published by Blue Orange Games.

A game of preconceptions!


An unusually judgmental game for friends, family, and total strangers. How well do you know your friends? And how well do they know you? Find out, as you take turns making opinions on three interesting topics, while other players try to guess what you really think.Will it be WOO or BOO? The answer isn't always black or white!

Published by Outset Media Games.

Drawn. The same. But different.

How Do You Doodle is a silly simple game of speed sketching, where everyone is given a different word synonym to draw within 30 seconds. It's not about how well you draw, but about making your picture stand out from the rest of the similar words.

Published by Outset Media Games.

Brobo and his robot friends are unique, high-quality plush toys that are so soft, cuddly and adorable! Watch your children get braver at bedtime.

Parent Tested Parent Approved Media

Our Favorite Sleep Toys.

Parents Canada Magazine

My favorite game from the toy & game show.

Brittany Yantos, Geek Bar Beta

A lot like Anomia, but uses memory and personalization to make it unique! Something I would definitely recommend.

Christen Traviss, Snakes & Lattes


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Draconis Invasion: WRATH

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